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Thread: actors and actress need for short film, southeast of england

  1. Default actors and actress need for short film, southeast of england


    1. Need a slim built mid twenties/early thirties, white male to play the main role of an alcoholic, for around 3 or 4 days filming

    2. Need a slim white actress to play the supporting role for 1 days filming.

    3. A large built male (ethniticity not applicable) for 1 or 2 days filming.

    4. Male actor for 1 days filming

    Travell expenses wil be catered and payment will be arranged upon meeting if it is possible to do so, however it will not be a fortune as I the movie will be on a tight budget, mostly of which is being spent on equipment.

    It is a 25 page script of which the first draft has just been completed, falls into the drama catagory and all actors involved will be immediately credited. It is an amateur production and I will be planning to put the film forward to a number of film festivals.

    I have done a number of feature length documentary shoots and this will be my first venture into amateur scripted production so I am begining with a short script.

    The shooting will be done in Kent in the southeast of england and travell expenses will be covered at the very least. Thanks

    Please contact Mark at or 07594913827

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    If you don't get much interest on this site (don't know how many actors visit here) maybe try posting on talent circle or Mandy. You'll get a much higher response and its also free! I've done tons of casting on Talent Circle.

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    thanks. Iv since been on a site called castingcall and I have a huge amount of response, about 100 actors over four seperate roles, I will bare that site in mind though, thanks.


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    Casting call is great as well! Sorry - I forgot to mention that one!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

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    Good luck Brownie, that is a really nice post which lets everyone know exactly what you're doing and who you are.

    Please, please keep us up to date with the filming and how it comes along.

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