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Thread: Tipperary Stonethrowers Rally

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    Default Tipperary Stonethrowers Rally

    Heres a video that I meant to upload to the site ages ago

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    I can't really advise much on this type of video as after a seeing a few cars do the same thing it gets boring for me. I thought the shots where quite steady for hand held. I think your shots would be more interesting if you position the camera so that you see the car coming to wards a corner from the front, so long as this is safe to do. As a rally enthusiast I'm sure you will be able to find the more interesting parts of each course you go to. This again will help keep the viewer interest.

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    the transitions bro, i feel like the subject of the video being; racing cars should have been enough to get you in the state of mind of something like nascars. personally i dont like the transitions between videos but i liked the angles of the camera. you could've placed the camera at different eye levels....that would've been superb i think.

    EDIT: having CLEAN CUT transitions not fades.

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