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Thread: Importing .mpegs into Windows Moviemaker

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    Angry Importing .mpegs into Windows Moviemaker

    I am very new to video editing and am trying to make a short movie mixing mpeg clips I have taken on my Sony DCR-SR57 camcorder with some jpegs I've created.
    When I try and add the files to the timeline, Moviemaker treats them as sound files only. I have tried to convert them to either .asf or .wvm files but although I can then see the clip, the quality is appalling.
    I have downloaded a trial version of Adobe, but this seems to have the same problem, although it is difficult to be certain as I'm not sure how good the trial version quality is anyway.

    Bizarrely, having had this problem on my desktop computer, I tried again on my laptop. The import worked perfectly the first time, but when I went back to try properly, I had the same problem as on the desktop. How can this be and what is happening.

    Please, please help.

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    I use AVS Video Editor and it works really good for almost every format including mpeg. This should be what you're looking for.

    Edit MPG - How to Edit MPG Video with AVS Video Editor?
    AVS Video Editor: perfect for home video editing. Edit video easily!

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