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Thread: Need consent to use music for company video?

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    Question Need consent to use music for company video?

    I am trying to figure out if I need some consent or what I need to do to get consent to have a particular artist music inside a company video I am making.

    The music was cut in some place and arranged to fit the video (Cut and paste some parts of the music to other parts of the same music).

    Currently, I have the artist name and the title of the music with a small remark saying "Arranged by xxxxx" in my credits. Is this enough or do I need to tlak to the music company itself?
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    You need a licence, something like THIS.

    I'm not saying this is exactly the right licence for you as I don't know all the ins and outs, so read the website to make sure this is the right type of licence for your circumstances.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I took a look at the site and reviewed some information. I now just contacted the music company itself to see if they can grant permission or not.

    As for "arranged by" parts, I will delete for sure after seeing paulears post. I didn't know about that but it makes clear sense that I just "editted" it.

    I also checked out few other info in other places and it seems like if I want to use this music, or any kind, it needs to be totally re-arranged or made from scratch to be able to use it like "all rights reserved," correct?

    My music I used is a Japanese music. It is the "Karaoke" type without the voice inside (the instrumental music only). So I was able to edit it by cutting and pasting some areas to connect the beats together.
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    I couldn't find the edit button, so sorry for my double post.

    Just want to know if I do the below will be ok or not.

    If I made a midi type file of the editted music I made, and arranged it myself by adding few beats here and there. Will this be ok as me getting whole rights to use it for the company video?
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    That's a good point, I wanted to use a song in a video so I traced the writer on MySpace and managed to get his phone number and phoned him up to ask for permission to use his song. Luckily he said yes.

    I'm not sure it is applicable in this circumstance though as it's just a straight commercial use.

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    Thanks again.

    What paulear wrote was pretty correct. I received a reply from them and it basically said the music company itself can't grant permission/consent, and that I would have to get consent directly from the musician. Even if I did get consent, I would have to pay some type of fee for it.

    I emailed them back stating if I compose it all from the beginning (making a arrangement of the song by myself for use), would it be ok. I am still waiting for a reply, but from paulears post, it seems like it's been answered that it's pretty safe if I played some instrument and such to make it. I may do that instead in my case. Time taking, but might work out.

    I'll try to showcase my final video once completed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    You'll find public performance is one of the can't do's. Which of course, is exactly what everybody buys the sheet music for.
    What world do you live in? My parents house and my loft are full of sheet music bought purely for the pleasure of studying them and playing them in the confines of our own homes.

    I've no doubt plenty is bought for public performance (though from my experience in amateur dramatics I can assure you that much of that is hired rather than bought), but to suggest we all buy it for public performance is just wrong.

    So it's not unreasonable for Disney to sell sheet music which may not be performed in public.

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    Thanks for that again. I wanted to reply to midnights post too, but I thought it would be better it came out of your words. I'm not in the music industry and can't talk from their view, but I do have experience with concert musics, so I understood what you meant. I'll keep these reminders and hope for the best with what I can do.

    I'm going to create my own music for the vid .
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    Interesting thread. Probably at the end of the day as you say Sonnex it's probably best to create your own music for the vid. At least you then know that you're completely confident in where you stand from a legal pov. Alternatives might be finding a composer who isn't a member of PRS or MCPS or other collection society to write something for you and assign all rights to you. The composer might want some cash though! Alternatively there are lots of websites where you can source music cheaply where they allow you to cut and edit the music to fit to your video and by pass the MCPS copyright restrictions.

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