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    Thumbs up Short Film - Looking Through You

    Here is a recent piece I did a couple of months back for a University project.

    Used 16mm 500T film to create a film on the idea of 'Portrait'.

    Was highly rated by peers in class and was screened at the Arts PictureHouse.

    Directed by myself and the Director of Photography was my friend Lily.



    (Link below)

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    Some nice lighting and composition.

    I didn't really understand it until I read your description - for a start there were no real indications that he was looking into a mirror. What I saw was him looking through a doorway. Watched having read your description I can see it illustrates the description very well, but shouldn't a film be able to tell us that without the need for a description?

    Then again, I can be pretty thick at times

    I thought that whilst the music was sympathetic to the film, using instantly recognisable music does at least one of 3 things:

    1. If the viewer recognises it and can place it, it creates an immediate association with where they've heard it before - do you want to create thoughts of American Beauty among your viewers?

    2. If the viewer recognises it and can't place it, it's a distraction as they will no doubt spend some of their attention on trying to remember where they've heard it (as I did)

    3. If they're filmmakers they may wonder whether you've got the right to use the music and if so how/how much it cost (again as I did)

    Nevertheless, other than needing a few more signposts, I found it a nicely filmed mood piece. Congrats on the plaudits you've received.

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    I also found it hard to know exactly what was going on, this is an important point with any movie. I agree with Tim, it's not clear that he is looking into a mirror. The music was an issue for me because I associate it with an advert.

    Some nice shots and interesting lighting but it's hard to know exactly what it looks like though, as you videoed it like doing a bootleg in the cinema. You have created a "mood" which is well done.

    kudos to you for shooting on film.

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