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Thread: 5D MKII with Vegas 9 black screen?!?

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    Default 5D MKII with Vegas 9 black screen?!?

    I do apologise if I am asking a question that has already been asked...I have looked through the forums but not found anything specific to my problem.

    This could be a really simple issue that I am not aware of but at this moment in time I'm about to through my computer through the wall!!

    Basically I am trying to edit a film/movie together of a number of .mov files taken from my 5D MKII. I'm using vegas 9 pro on a PC. I have them all in the explorer, and have managed to put them into the timeline and made a pretty good vid, with a song too. Now this is where my problems start:

    1. I can play it an it shows in the preview window.
    2. However when I render it to an avi [PAL] it plays for a random time but the goes blank [black screen] however the music still plays...for the length of the film.
    3. When I go back to check the timeline and preview sometimes it now shows as balck, sometimes it shows the videos.

    So what is happening or what have I done or not done???

    I have tried:
    1.Going into preferences and setting the bitrate from 8 to 32.
    2. Downgraded QUICKTime player.

    Some issues I 'think' it maybe, or did these then it messed up [bu can't be sure]:

    1. I added a blank tile and put text in it at the beginning
    2. I have all the videos on separate tracks [about 40 in total]
    3. The latter videos seem to be more of problem to the render, i.e the earlier ones render but then it ultamtely will go black after a certain vid...could this be that the mov files from that moment on are corrupt?

    So what is happening? Do I need to convert the movs to something else for vegas 9 to handle them better? I have produced another vid previously with no problems whatsoever!! So why this vid?


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    A couple of things which may or may not help. Make sure you have the most up to date version of Vegas, 9e. Also make sure you have the most up todate version of Quicktime.

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    I have seen people on this forum say sometimes it's enough to change the file extension from .mov to .mp4, otherwise you need to buy a special codec that enables them to work with Sony Vegas.


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    when you say change do mean literally...or with a video convertor?


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    Right click on the file & choose rename, highlight the mov part & substitute mp4. You may have to first get your PC to display file extensions if it's disabled.
    I am no expert & I have not tried this with .mov files, I have only read someone managed to get this to work here on this forum, so I would try it on a .mov file you dont need.
    You can obviously buy software aswell that will convert them.
    If your computer explodes after anything I have said I will say I am only a woman.


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