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Thread: Why Encode Failed in APPro CS4.

  1. Default Why Encode Failed in APPro CS4.

    Used Win XP with SP3. I have made several DVDs without any critical problem before using CS4 PPro & Encore. Now it has given-up on me. Following things been done at present.

    CS4 is installed in C;\ and Project files saved in D:\(separate drive)

    1. Removed all unwanted programs including Virus program, etc., This machine only has APPro CS4. All firewalls been disabled. The audio and video plays ok on time line of APProCS4 with little bit jerky (of course I was expecting this on a Pentium4). C;\drive been formatted recently due to these problems and also defragmnted all drives. Made No screen savers working, no wall paper, Swap file >>virtual mem adjusted for D:\ , optimised the desktop by selecting,"adjust for best performance"

    2. APProCS4 project saved ok. It's a 40minute program recorded on XDCAM EX1. Used File>>Adobe Dynamic Link >>Send to Encore ok..

    3.Used very short filenames and sub directories to save on Encore. Eg. file name used "HanOne"

    4.On Encore, Selecting End Action and TitleButton selections were done ok.

    5. When saved on Encore, file size was 2.48GB and 2.22GB were free. Audio:PCM,standard: PAL

    6. When on Encore, Choose File >> Build >> Disc (to make the DVD), after few seconds time it shows " Encode Failed " while start to Transcode .prproj(video) file in Build Progress Window.

    I would appreciate if you could suggest anymore things I have to try other than above.


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    What are your computer specs?

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    Hi Ladiesman, U won't beleive this !! The specs of my machine is as follows:
    Pentium 4, Dual core, 3.4GHz, 1TB HDD, 2GB DDR2 RAM. It has worked before. It has even made several DVDs using APPro + Encore using Dynamic link. I had freezing video on monitor on APPro CS4..but when I made the was normal..not jerky, audio was good too. Now it has startd given me trouble..I do not know why??. If u can, please help me with ideas other than above. Thx.

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    I would try resetting the preferences. After clicking the icon to open the program hold, ctrl,shift,alt simultaneously. This may delete any bugs that may be in your temp files for whatever reason.

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