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Thread: How we're gonna shoot 3D films now!

  1. Smile How we're gonna shoot 3D films now!

    Whom among us haven't yet tried to shoot our own 3D (stereoscopic) movie by attaching two cameras to a plank and filming with both simultaneously?

    Sure was fun, though editing wasn't all that easy and I'm not sure this whole method was quite as practical as it needed to be.

    Panasonic is about to change all that though... PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

    What do you think?
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    What's more, Sony Vegas Pro 10 supports 3D editing ! It's all a but much for me. In fact I've never seen a 3D movie. I certainly won't buy a 3D TV and won't make a 3D movie.

    I like to think of my self as a traditionalist but some may think I'm just a stick in the mud old fart.

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    I used to feel the same way about going HD, until I switched to it and found out it's not all that scary.

    Looks like the 3D thing is here to stay this time. Just making the switch is out of our comfort zones huh

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    Its something i thought about but only for a play about and nothing serious. Why should it be shot with two cameras tho? I probably dont know how it works at all but cant one camera be used and offset the footage in afterfx?
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    It is not clear whether the device allows changes to the interocular distance; and if so, what is it's range. The image shows the two lense are fairly close together. A fixed distance limits how well the 3d effect can be applied.

    I suspect 3d filming will give half the screen resolution (as 2 frames now have be saved instead of 1).

    If the 'conversion lens' does not interchange with the camera's main lens; then there will be loss of quality. 3d images need well lit scenes.

    There are still several reasons why 3d is not more widespread. Given the current technologies available to most people, one of the lowest common denominators is probably to use anaglyphs and coloured glasses. Not awfully inspiring or interesting to watch.

    Whilst simpler to use than having 2 cams, I think this model is aimed at the toy and gadget lovers.

    And in response to russthedutch's comment. To achieve a 3d image requires seeing the scene from the point of view of both of the viewer's eyes. Humans interpret the different views to work out the distance of the object. Close one eye and slowly move one finger to touch the end of your nose; its alot easy with both eyes open.

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    I find this "resistance" to 3D film all over the filmmaking community. Why are they fighting 3D? Just for curiosity's sake.

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    My earlier post, and some of the 3d related pages on your website hint at some of the reasons.
    There is no "fight". Here is a list of some likely ingredients which make 3d filmmaking unpopular.
    1. There are various playback systems. The best are too expensive, the worst (simple anaglyphs) are not very good.
    2. Unlike standard video files; there are few (any) converters to convert one format into another.
    3. Requirement to understand 3d vision, and the effect of the viewers distance from the screen.
    4. Additional or new cameras and editing software.
    5. 3d is currently nothing more than an effect. Whilst charming, it offers nothing to the interpretation of the film.

    There is no hostility to the medium, but has yet to prove it's worth. FWIW one of my youtube (user - timand2222) offerings is 3d.

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    I couldn't have put it better my self, literally.

    Well said Tim.

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    5. 3d is currently nothing more than an effect. Whilst charming, it offers nothing to the interpretation of the film.
    This I found interesting, the first of the new generation 3d films I seen was "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", it wasn't the best film in the world and many shots had been thought out and designed to make use of the 3d format in a very gimmicky way. The second (and only other to date) was Avitar, I was watching for less than 10 minutes and realised there was no need for it to be in 3d, I just sat back and watched it enjoying that it looked good, but definately never "added anything to the interpretation of the film" but I was ok with that. And right enough, later when it came out on DVD I enjoyed it more in 2D.

    Looking back, the first of these films was more memorable and preferable as a 3d film, which is the opposite of what I expected. It could well have been much the same when things changed to colour, I'm sure "The Wizard of OZ" was a treat to the eye when technicolor had finally settled as the colour technology for film in it's day. Perhaps many war films never really benifited from the technology, but it still became the norm. Now of course it is what we expect, and through conditioning, there are some people that get lost in black and white films. Could this happen with 3d, Could we end up sitting in our kitchens watching the old 42" 1080p set with the grandkids laughing at us in the living room while interacting with their idols in 3d.

    Even before any form of precedence is fully formed I do see a place for it today, there obviously is a place in film as people queue up to see the latest 3d block busters, just as they have done in recent years to see the latest big effects films. But for me it's mostly in places that will take advantage of it being gimmicky, nothing more than an effect and charming, with no need to offer anything to the interpretation of the film.

    A live launch of a new product/proposed building etc. at a corporate event with a gimmicky display would be a great example, as a marketing tool it is very early technology and ideal for creating memorable moments. I have other ideas for it, but sadly they need to wait till there's a big enough market for home distributions.


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    Look at this interesting gadget

    I call it a gadget but I suppose if you're creative you could have fun with it. Even make an indie film for youtube.

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