i did a Video Tutorial Screen Capture...
(the raw footage looks good on a 32 inch plasma TV hooked up to my laptop)

I imported the footage to Premiere CS4, and added a few layers,, (Logo, titles, etc)

..then I Exported using Adobe Media Encoder. (i have tried almost all the option, and for some reason it is still a definite quality loss from the original Raw footage).

the best export quality I found was H.264 on its highest settings... (though its still about 20% less quality than my original footage). it just seems a tad blury and not as sharp. the Website captured text on the screen is not so sharp, and slightly less readable).

I really need it to look as good as possible as its for a presentation!!

i will be showing the final movie using my laptop, hooked up to the plasma TV.

any suggestions what I can export as? or is there something I have to do to my footage to stop it loosing quality? (i tried permutations of interlace,de-interlace-progressive-single/double VBR pass), nothing seems to solve it!!)

any comments are really welcome,