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Thread: My Camera Failed??!

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    Default My Camera Failed??!

    Hey everyone!

    This morning, I was trying to watch back some footage i taped the day before (I was wachting on my camera). Half way through the video my camera started making noise like hell and the screen said: remove the cassette. So that's what I did, but when I put it back in again my camera did it all over again, beeping and making like this 'rewind noise' you hear on a video tape, and I have to remove the cassette again.
    My camera is a MVX450 Canon video camera, and works with miniDV casettes. It does this with al my other cassettes to, it's starts making noise like a vacuum cleaner! Does anybody else have/had this problem and how do I fix it?
    On a side note: I didn't do anything weird with it: It was working fine the day before, put it on a table that night, went to sleep and the next morning it was like this.

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    Sorry to hear about your problems. I can only advise that you take it into your local camera shop to be fixed. :(

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