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Thread: sound out of sync after rendering to h.264

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    Exclamation Sound out of sync after rendering in sony vegas pro 9 x64

    Hello, iv been geting to know sony vegas for a couple weeks now to get over a problem i have after i render a video.
    When i render a video the sound starts off a little out of sync and gets worse as the video goes on. the video is fine before i render it with vegas.

    I have tryed the same settings on other software and the problem is only from vegas but i cannot edit the video past triming with the other bits of software so im stuck really till i fix this.

    I looked around and couldnt find anyone else who has this problem.

    The orignal files are Mpeg-2 in 720 @ 20mbs and audio sample rate is 48000 with audio quality 224.

    Im rendering them to mp4 - h.264 720p 10mbs VBR 30fps and audio is 48000 and 224 but AAC

    These settings work (bit rate can change) in other bits of kit but i cannot edit the video like i can in vegas.

    Any ideas? and sorry for all round bad english

    EDIT: I just tryed rendering to many other formats and they have the sound out of sync, the souce video plays fine and if i use anything else to just cut the same clip and render it the sound is fine so it is just vegas now :'[
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