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    Hi guys,

    sorry if this has been asked before, but this is my first time on the site.
    I am thinking about getting back into video production, having had a couple of years away from it. When I did it before I used Premiere Pro 1.5 and canon xm2.
    I would like to start buying my own equipment, obviously HD is the way to go now, and I was wondering what the best software was to get for BluRay, I read that somewhere that Final Cut Pro can't do BluRay, but my friends have said its the way to go and Apple is the system to buy.


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    Ah, I have just posted a similar question, but mind is Final Cut or Premiere. As far as I know, Macs don't have blu-ray drives (I only have a Macbook Pro), so at a guess I would say if you're doing HD then Final Cut would export the final project as a h.264 format quicktime file, then you would have to convert that to blu-ray format, which you would have to burn on a Windows PC. For that I would sugest Nero 9 Digital as the software of choice, as it can convert to blu-ray format, as far as I know. But you could get a 3rd party converter like AVS Video Converter 7 which can do the job to.



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