I have a kodak zi8 pocket video camera which i used to shoot footage from my boyfriend's graduation, now I am trying to get them into pinnacle studio so I can start creating the dvd and cut them in small enough clips for upload on facebook. They were recorded in 1080p and play beautifully in the most recent version of quicktime. I reexported all the clips with with quicktime pro keeping them in .MOV apples version not the crappy kodak format. In pinnacle studio ultimate 14, I can place the clips in the time line but they don't play correctly nor have any sound.

I have some other related clips shot with my jvc everio camcorder in the jvc format of .MOD which pinnacle studio was able to encode has mpeg-2 easily, which I than reencoded as . mp4 with quicktime pro.

All clips plays perfectly in quicktime alone. but the clips from the kodak zi8, I tried encoding them as .mp4 but it changed the quality and the aspect ratio.