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    Default Youtube HD compression

    Hi guys,

    I need to sort out how to get the same result in image quality and filesize as Youtube gets. I've worked out a 3,5mbps, 2 pass VBR in h.264 gives the best ratio of image quality to size. But I need to go even lower.

    From what I've read on the internet, Youtube uses about 2mbps. But if I use 2mbps it looks blocky in transitions, movements, etc.

    What are the compression details I need to input to get the same results as Youtube?


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    I don't see how you can get any smaller file sizes than you already are. You are bound to loose image qyality with smaller bit rates. I think you might need to look at creating flash files. I can't help you with them as I don't have any experiance with them.

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    I just need to mimic Youtube's settings.

    I tried another 2mbps 2pass VBR last night and it came out ok. It seems that at the first try I only did 1pass VBR, and it resulted in blockiness.

    I'll do more tests and get back to you.


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    "What are the compression details I need to input to get the same results as Youtube?"

    I think uploaded videos to YouTube are converted on their servers to Flash (flv) format. Perhaps analysing a downloaded FLV file from YouTube will give some insight into the various settings and options used.

    In case I don't understand what is being asked; can you explain why you are trying to convert a video to make it look like it had been on YouTube?

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    It is .flv, but the compressor is H.264 on Youtube. I just needed to know the compression details(mbps, vbr/cbr, how many passes, etc).

    I need to get videos to look as Youtube videos because I need small video size and good quality, and Youtube is the "standard" i'm looking at.

    I'll try more 2mbps 2pass VBR and see how that works.

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    Interesting topic. As I read, i have a question too as I hope to put my video on youtube as well.

    From a tutorial I got, it only said YouTube use FLV so "it's better to make a FLV" if I want to upload it to YouTube. I'm now curious with the other "compression detail" you mentioned here. Would you mind sharing how you are doing this? Are you using AfterEffects?

    The only thing I did is saved it as FLV with 256 bit Audio, RGB+Alpha (Millions of Colors+), and set Render setting to "Best"....
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    Well, I think 2mbps VBR video is really what Youtube uses. Apparently the first time I used 2mbps I only used 1Pass VBR, and that resulted in blockiness.

    I tried once again the 2mbps 2Pass VBR and it looked like Youtube.

    5:45 mins in 88 Mb.

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    Here try this. Should fix all problems.

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