Ok, folks, hope you can help me!

Right, I'm getting a JVC Gyhm100. But don't have a budget for a proper mic set, well not yet (yep, i now the argument about there not being a cheap option).

In the mean time, i need a few mics. Will predominately be filming "talks" and interviews.

I'm thinking of just getting xlr cabled handheld mic and lapel mic to do the job. But in those situations that i don't wish to be tethered to the speaker - i'd need a wireless option.

Would i be able to get a standard wireless mic and attach it to the mini-jack and still use the xlr slots for another mic (so that i can pick up ambient sound)?

Also, can i get a "female mini-jack, male xlr" connector and attach the wireless mic to the xlr? So that i can use the other xlr slot to put another mic and pick ambient sound?

Any info will be eternally grateful!!

P.S - if i were to have the budget to get a proper, bona-fide wireless mic. What would be good for my camera, especially bear in mind, that i will be filming outside as well and so won't readily have a mains supply