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Thread: Need free help filming events/gigs in Scotland?

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    Default Need free help filming events/gigs in Scotland?

    Hi all,

    Im looking to get back into filming and editing after a long time away and wondered if anyone needs help with their projects?
    I dont have my own professional kit - just amateur camcorders at present - so I would prefer to help you out and gain experience while im saving up for my own Pro HD kit. I love film making and editing in general but would prefer to focus on events and gigs and one day be lucky enough to be get employment in the music video business. I appreciate it helps to have extra people to help out to enable more camera angles etc - I am a trustworthy and hard working guy and I would of course be happy to help out for free in return for gaining experience.

    Also if anyone knows of any part time courses that would help me get back up to speed please let me know (im based in Paisley, Glasgow)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangelos View Post
    it is good for all whose filming event to need a gigs and you can make good
    gigs do i can say u the best place for online gigs and arrenge fimling events

    Sorry i dont understand your reply - please write again...

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    Default Film shoot

    Hi, would you be interested in helping us out on a project in the North West of England?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PanzerGrenadier View Post
    Hi, would you be interested in helping us out on a project in the North West of England?
    Yes very much - please email me more details to:


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