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    Default Changing movie's screen ratio

    I am new to Pinnacle Studio (I have version 14). I have started to edit my movie with 3:4 screen ration. After many hours spent on my project I thing it will be better to have it in wide screen format 9:16. Is there a way to do it on my on-going project?
    The only thing I saw possible is the set new projects to wide screen format (in Project Preferences).
    Help, please!!

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    Unfortunately it's not really a simple matter of changing the aspect ratio. You will need to crop the 4:3 image to replicate the dimensions of widescreen. As you didn,t shoot in widescreen, there's a chance that you'll end up cropping of people's heads!

    However, if you're happy with this, and effectively reducing your resolution, the best option is to to this in the final render, i.e cropping or letterboxing your video.
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