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Thread: My DVD's look terrible at the prod office?

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    Default My DVD's look terrible at the prod office?

    Hey all!

    I get paid to shoot H.S. football games, should be easy right? I shoot on a Canon Power shotSX20is and import by means of SD card straight into Sony Vegas 9. I render and export using DVD NTSC templates with BEST quality rendering checked. I then author my DVD's with the panasonic DVD burner software "extreme media".
    Out pops a DVD and looks good in all 4 of my standard DVD players....but then...I go to the Gametime Video production office and play it on their "Insignia" flat screen of some sort, and am embarrased to find that it looks like crap? What the heck?! I suspect that the HDMI DVD player I threw it in there is in HD mode thus producing a pixelated, blurry, image? Help??

    Thanks for your time

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    If you play SD footage on a HD TV screen, the TV increases the size of your 480 line image to 720 or even 1080 line image. This could be the reason why it looks ok on an SD screen but not on a HD screen. The only way around this is to burn a HD DVD/bluray disk.

    Your camera shoots 720p so you can create HD DVDs from that.

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    That makes sense, so then a HD/DVD would look OK on a standard DVD player? Probably most of this production companies' clients will only have standard DVD Players. Will the price difference between reg DVD's and HDVD's be even worth previewing on an HD Player once?


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    It's not the DVD player it's the screen that alters the image. On a HD screen you have at least 720 often 768 or even 1080 lines of image, the screen will take your image of 480 lines and scale it to it's size. This can sometimes produce undesirable results. Some TVs do a better job of this scaling than others.

    If you put a standard DVD into a Bluray player it will play and should look ok, if the original image is ok but not as good as a HD image on a HD screen.

    You can't play HD DVDs/Bluray disks on a standard DVD player.

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    Excuse my ignorance but how would I go about correcting this?

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    I'm not sure you can correct it as such. The best thing you could do is shoot your footage in HD, keeping the best quality you can. Edit the footage in Sony Vegas using the HD project properties of your footage. Then render your footage in a HD format. If possible burn a Bluray disk. If this is not possible burn what you have onto a normal DVD. If your DVD burning software can't accept HD files you will have to render the video at the best SD mpeg2 settings you can.

    This is the only way I know to keep the image quality at it's best. The quality of the image can only be as good as the origional footage and the final quality is best when it stays as close to the origional footage with out any changes.

    I know this is very general advice but I hope it helps.

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