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    Hi, i've recently shot some green screen footage. All is well with the screen and chroma key but i've got a gree tinge/glow on the subject. Has anyone experienced this before? If anyone has any vegas solutions pease share!

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    Sounds like your subject was too near the green screen & the light from it has spilled onto the subject creating this green glow.
    We always keep the talent 8 feet away from the green screen & also use a backlight to prevent this. Also dont put any more light on your green screen than you have to.
    But now you've got this problem I dont really have a way to remove it, unless of course you choose a sympathetic background, predominantly of a colour that blends with the green so it doesnt notice

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    Hi thanks, yeah they were too close but the screen has keyed out fine and its not so much a glow but more a slight wash. For example one of the girls has blonde hair but it just looks slightly green, the rest is fine

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    Exactly what Sarah said. The background will have keyed out fine as it will exactly match the (very small) range of green's that you are keying on. The green you can see on your subject will be outside that range of greens (otherwise it would be invisible!).

    Nothing you can do about it now except perhaps use the secondary colour corrector to select those greens and change them to something else (of course this will affect everything in the picture which is those shades) or, as Sarah suggested, choose a background with lots of green in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atnaf View Post
    ... has blonde hair but it just looks slightly green, the rest is fine

    You don't work for Hampshire police by any chance...?

    Green Hair E-Fit: Hampshire Police Defend Picture Of Suspect, Blaming Technical Problems | UK News | Sky News

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