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Thread: Need help with HDR-xr500

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    Default Need help with HDR-xr500

    I just bought a used Sony DHR-XR500 and have a dumb question... The old videos are listed in the root directory as MPG files but any new videos I shoot are not. Why would the new videos not be listed as MPG files?

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    Do you mean you don't see any files or do you see some .m2t or .avc files or similar which is a AVCHD version of mpg files.

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    The new videos show up as an MTS file which MAC iMovie doesn't recognize but the old videos show up as both MTS and MPG (in the directory "root" of the camera). I need the new videos to show as MPG videos also so I can quick edit with iMovie. Thanks.

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    One thing you could try. When you have copied the files onto your computer try changing the extension m2t to mpg, see if imovie will accept the file then. This works for me with Windows Media Player. If not you may have to convert them but you stand the chance of loosing some image quality.

    I'm not familiar with imovie so I can't help on that.

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