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Thread: DVD producer/editor needed for professional wrestling

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    Default DVD producer/editor needed for professional wrestling


    My name is Craig Pekios and I run a professional wrestling company in the midwest called Pro Wrestling NEXT (ProWrestling Next | Facebook) and we are looking for someone capable of editing our events for DVD.

    We film all shows with two cameras, a stationary and a hand held camera. We use digital video tapes currently. We also record a commentary track onto a laptop.

    We are looking for someone that can take the two camer angles, edit them together and lay the commentary track over the finished video product. We also would like some sleek transitions and on screen graphics as well as a full DVD menu.

    Our events typically run 2 to 2.5 hours. If anyone its interested, please email me at or simply reply here with your email address. Thank you.

    Craig Pekios
    Owner, Pro Wrestling NEXT LLC

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    Hi Craig,

    I assume you already found someone in your area.
    If that's not the case: I might be interested, but the distance Midwest - The Netherlands could be a bottleneck (shipping time!).

    Just a question for anyone who's reading: the digital tapes: do you shoot on miniDV?

    (My dutch website: BrokxMedia - Bedrijfsfilms, Commercials, Onlinevideo - Creatief Audiovisueel Ontwerp )
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    Do you still not get any DVD producer ?

    and what tasks A DVD producer has to do ?

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