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    Hey, not sure if i'm posting in the right place but can anyone suggest a camera which will film in complete darkness that isn't going to break the bank?

    Thanks guys x

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    I would say there is no such thing as a camera that can shoot in complete darkness. Even cameras with night mode use infa red light. If you tell us what you need to shoot that may help us to help you.

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    I just need something that can film at night, you know when you see videos that have been filmed in green at night? What would i need for this.

    Thanks again

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    Right I'm with you now. There are a lot of Digital Camcorders on the market with "Night Vision" or Infra Red. The Sonys tend to be the best for this type of thing, like the Sony dcr-trv17. I can't advise you on a particular one but when you're Googleing look for one that has got an Infra red LED light on the front.

    I've put THIS LINK to help you get started.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yet again Midnight is quicker than me....

    The "green" night vision you see are light enhancers, also known as night-vision. It's a gizmo which is put in front of the camera lens and electronically enhances the available light. They tend to be expensive.

    On the other hand... Most Sony camcorder have a "night" setting which is actually an infra-red mode. Video chips are very sensitive to infra-red and all camcorders have a filter built-in to stop IR light affecting the image. Sony simply have a button which slides this filter out of the way, whacks the gain to maximum and switches on a small IR lamp on the camera. Since our eyes are not sensitive to Infra-red it looks like the camera is filming in darkness.

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    Thank you for your help please do recommend a few at the lower end of the price scale if you could i'm struggling lol.

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    Would this do what im after? SONY DCR-SX33E

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