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Thread: MAC sales at Christmas/NY

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    Default MAC sales at Christmas/NY

    Hi all

    I'm new to not only this forum but also video editing - I've had to do some for work and I LOVED it! Totally engrossed and am now in touch with our Film & Image Dept to learn more.

    I'm looking to buy a Mac. My told Toshiba laptop, God love it, is probably nearing the end of its life so I'd like to invest in something worthwhile. Possibly a MacBook Pro.

    With the VAT going up to 20% in the NY I'd like to buy it before then. Does anybody know if Mac usually have offers/sales around the Christmas/NY and whether it's worth hanging on for then - or just taking the plunge and getting it now?


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    Unfortunately Macs don't seem to have sales, they work on a sale-or-return basis and unsold gear just gets returned to Apple.

    The only bargain I managed to find is that there is a short "crossover" period when updated or upgraded machines are released, but then I always wanted the better gear anyway!

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    Apple don't have sales i'm afraid (oh how I wish they did). I would obviously suggest buying it now before the VAT increase to save a few quid. They do offer student discount on all of their items, but unless you are a student (or know someone who is) this is of little use to you. Apple do have a refurbished section of their website where they sell nearly new Macs for discounted prices (Link) but this is the closest you will get to any sort of money off or sale. My advice would be to buy it now, however make use of this really useful Mac Buyers Guide (Link) which will give you advice on what to buy and when - based on upcoming releases etc.

    Best of luck!

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    Apple has some pretty nice student discounts. I would try to say it's for a nephew or something.

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    I think official student ID is required otherwise everybody would have a niece/nephew/son/daughter just about to head off to uni and requiring a Mac of some kind!

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