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    I've been working on a training video for work and I'm in the process of rendering/making a movie but I'm running into a problem.

    Whenever I make the movie/render it with a video size greater than 320x240 the video losses sound around the 38-40 minute mark on a 47 minute video (time of cut out depends on how it is rendered). Does what the output file type is, wma, avi, mpeg it happens.

    The video and audio both play in Vegas Movie Studio fine it's only when its render does it have this problem.

    Any ideas?

    Using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9

    I did search but didn't see anything with this specific issue.

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    Well, we ended up just splitting the video into two parts, since we couldn't fiqure out why it was dropping sound.

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    Was the audio recorded at 32 or 48 khz? 32 usually produces a lag.
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