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Thread: Builiding computer for video editing

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    Default Builiding computer for video editing

    Hello everyone
    I am going to buy the parts and build a computer at home for video editing, moderate gaming and the usual run of the mill stuff. At the moment I am thinking of the following setup:

    -Pentium 4 3.4 or 3.2 GHZ HT processor 775 socket (sorry, no extreme edition or AMD for me)

    -Maxtor 120 GB 8mb cache OS/application drive SATA 150
    Maxtor 200 GB 8mb cache video/audio drive SATA 150
    (possible 2nd 200 GB drive @ RAID 0)

    -1 or 2 GB ram (undecided at the moment)

    -DVD +- writer (I have an NEC at work so I am going to get something different at home just to cover all of bases)

    -Creative Sound Blaster Audigy II ZS

    -LCD monitor

    -Video card - this is the area in which I am least knowledgable. I am not into any heaving duty gaming, so I don't need a $500 card. Something with a dual monitor/TV out is more important to me than being able to handle the newest generation of games. Any suggestions here would be welcome.

    The editing I do is on Adobe software-Premiere Pro/Audition/Encore if that makes a difference

    Thanks for the help,

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    Get a decent motherboard. I would always recommend Asus motherboards - check all the hardware review sites: asus come out on top for reliabilty, stability and best motherboard manufacturer ever. TomsHardware, one of the most respected hardware sites on the web, over 50% of their readers voted Asus the top manufacturer. The geeks know these things

    As for the actual model, something like the P5GD1 contains pretty much all you'll need. There are higher models with more stuff like DDR2 capability, but IMHO, that's overkill for the time being, though some may disagree. See here for a page in the UK:

    As for a video card, something like the Sapphire ATI Radeon X600 PCI Express will probably be fine. It has two outputs, but one of them is DVI, which means yo umay need a converter, but they're really cheap anyway.

    Good luck

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