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    Now the video records fine..I haven't really tweaked that yet. I am having issues with the sound. Mainly due to microphone.

    I am using FRAPS and I have tried a few things:

    I tried having the microphone not be recorded but listen through speakers. Now that worked but the program I was recording sound was messed up.

    I tried turning the program sound down (still not it audible by me) and than use microphone at same time.

    I also tried a headset w/ mic..I just managed to get sound of the program twice.

    My sound is realtek HD manager or w/e. Realtek HD for sure.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve. I found your post a little confusing. Are you saying you want to record the game sound but your getting sound through a microphone or is it the other way round ?

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    Trying to record both sound and microphone but no matter what I do I seem to get double sound.

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    Unless you have a really fancy sound card you can only record either the line in or the mic but not at the same times. You have to select on your recording mixer which one you want to use.

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    Even if the sound card can handle it, a further problem will be that it is difficult to mix the 2 sources satisfactorily. On playback, it will be too late to adjust the mix; e.g. to make the mic louder or quieter.
    An alternative suggestion might be to use an external stereo recorder and an adaptor. Take the 'game' sound from the Output socket of the PC and attach it to LEFT of your recorder; and plug your mic into the RIGHT. After recording, simply mix the left/right using standard audio software (e.g. Audacity); then import the results back into the FRAPS.

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