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Thread: Converting VOB to AVI with Any Video Converter

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    Unhappy Converting VOB to AVI with Any Video Converter

    I will use some material, comingh form a DVD (NERO VOB files) , in Adobe PPRO 2.0.
    First I will convert the VOB files into AVI files and bring these into PPRO 2.0.
    I convert the fo VOB files with Any Video Converter using "Customized AVI Movie", *.avi).
    The result is that I get only the audiofile when I import the result into PPRO 2.0 (converting into MPEG works well).
    The converted video AVI file also will not play in Windows media player (only the audio plays).
    Playing the converted file in Any Video Converter the video works well, so the file contains videomaterial.
    I guess there is some problem with the used codec in AVC.
    Anyone any suggestion to convert the VOB into AVI, using AVC or some other converting programm?
    Thanks for replying.

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    Hi Monika/Chris (?),

    you can use streamclip do convert VOB into DV-PAL avi. Streamclip is free, but you'll need Quicktime Pro and the Quicktime MPEG-2 add-on to use Streamclip on a PC.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, I will try this suggestion.

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