Hi Ive got a Panasonic SDR S7 ? camcorder, nad it works Ok , and Ive filmed some mountain biking and holiday stuff and its all stored on my computers hard drive , I wanted to add some music and cut out the hours of use less boring film (I think thats called editing )........ BUT I HAVENT GOT A CLUE how to use the MOTION SD STUDIO software that came with it .
Is there an online idiots guide ??
Should there be a step by step instruction book , with it ????
I was hoping to have some exciting film - perhaps with a bit of music added - that I could send via E-Mail to my friends . post on FB ?? maybee ?

I tried to edit it on something called media player that was already on my computer and it let me spend over an hour doing it , then said it wouldnt let me have it right at the end GRRRRR .
So now I ve put the MOTION SD STUDIO disc that came with my camcorder - in my computer , downloaded it , and its all there ready to use and I dont know what to do with it ?????????????????????????????.
What should I do - persevere with Motion SD studio - or buy some other software to use with my camcorder ?.