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Thread: Can Anyone Please Help with this effect?

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    Default Can Anyone Please Help with this effect?

    I am Newbie here,I've read a few posts and see that there's a fair bit of Video knowledge a lot more than mine!

    A Video posted at [ame=]YouTube - The Moody Blues - Watching and Waiting[/ame] contains with what I think is a remarkable Effect. I'm tooled up with Photoshop,Premier and After Effects all CS4 and I've learned a bit more than a novice but certainly not professional level.

    This clip Contains a Tree in what looks to be a perfectly natural Background but the creator seems to have managed to Rotate the whole Image so that you see all around the Tree as though you had a Camcorder and was walking around the tree,

    I Think it's 3D Motion Does anyone know firstly what Images would you need to get this effect and what kind of Video Software you would need to create it?

    I'd be really grateful for any help,


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    I'd imagine for 3D graphics you'd need to look at 'Blender' or 'Cinema 4D'.
    Try Googling them.

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    Default Video 3D Effects

    Thanks Rob for your suggestions\and I'm playing about with Blender [much less expensive than 4D Cinema]


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