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Thread: Why does AVCHD suck so hard?

  1. Default Why does AVCHD suck so hard?

    Ok, maybe it's not a problem with the format itself, but I bought a HD camera (Sony HDR-SR8E) and have to say that it is a huge step DOWN from my old digital8 handycam. Sure the colours look really nice, and it's HD, and the picture looks really good as long as the camera is still, even slow panning shots are terrible. They are blurry as hell. Well, it's more like a ghost image to the side (In sideways panning shots) if you look at a single frame.
    The video is 1080i at 50fps and I've tried converting it to progressive 25fps footage, and a bunch of other stuff. I've tried advanced deinterlacers, too.
    What's up with this? Is it the camera? Or is AVCHD really that bad? I just want to be able to take video and move (Even just a little) at the same time, rather than use a tripod, or hold my breath.

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    Hi Xgabrielx, you don't say how you are using the camera....panning by hand or on a tripod? Very different results. The blurring may well be camera shake, especially in dull/low light conditions with a slow 'shutter' speed. Remember too that telephoto amplifies shake which is not normally visible on the camera screen, but is very apparent on a monitor. If you can find frames in a clip which are sharp ( even tho the rest is blurry) then the problem may be usage.
    I would suggest you try a few tests - on a tripod - using the camera in auto mode and then in manual with a high shutter speed and compare the result.

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    Also when panning it is worth holding to 'the golden rule' of 7 secs min for a full side to side pan which minimises smearing. You dont say what you are reproducing the video on .. a PC or TV? Doyou get the same effect if you play direct to TV from the camera? Your camera in HQ mode assigns 4mpix to video....if poss, try decreasing quality to 2mpix and see if there is any noticeable difference.. you may have a data rate issue.

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    My bad, guys. I decompressed it first using procoder, and it's fine, so I guess I was using the wrong settings in Vegas

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