Our latest Critics Choice selections have been reviewed by the respected FutureMovies review site and can be downloaded in seven formats, including NTSC DVD. To help you decide whether to buy, you can now stream the full version once for free before they revert to preview clips.

CREGAN - Brutal and realistic BBC-backed drama giving a startling insight into the life of a 12 year-old boy in Northern Ireland forced to confront the reality of abusive sex and violence.

OOPS! - Simple in design and plot, this animation features an armour-suited knight riding a pot-bellied, skinny legged horse to save a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, his journey proves tougher than expected and even includes a pit-stop with rabbits!

SURVIVANCE - Exceptionally well made sci fi drama set in the near future telling the story of what happens when a huge tidal wave strikes the South Coast causing large-scale destruction and chaos. Great CGI effects.

A BRAZILIAN IMMIGRANT - After the appalling execution-style shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes by British police because they thought he was a terrorist, this is a telling indictment of the dark underbelly of anti immigration feelings in the UK, stirred up by the press.

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