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Thread: Shooting slow motion in HDV camera

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    Smile Shooting slow motion in HDV camera

    Is it possible to shoot a slow motion scene on SONY Z1E HDV camera? I am shooting on the mentioned camera and would like to shoot few slow motion scenes. I am doing a Go karting documentary. Ideally I would like to shoot all crashing scenes in a slow motion.

    I would appreciate if I can get some tips on this one.

    Thanks a ton.


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    For super smooth, super slow motion shots, you'd need to record at a high(er) frame per second than the "standard". This means you'll have more frames to grab more of the action, particularly for something fast moving like a go kart. Some cameras offer a 60fps option, but I don't think yours does. You'll therefore need to rely solely on post production to make you slow mo look smooth at less than about 70% speed.

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    If you are to create slomo in post then there are some things to take into account. Shoot at the highest shutter you can with the light available to try and eliminate motion blur. If in the edit you think the footage is to sharp you can add blur but you can never remove it. Not all software is equal when it come to speed changes, the results will depend on the editing sofware. Fast moving objects heading towards the camera are easier to slomo than objects going across the screen.

    As Marc said, most modern DSLRs and even cheaper camcorders shoot at 50/60fps so might be an option if you can get use of one. Though matching up the footage might be an issue...
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