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Thread: Embedding Web Video Problem!

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    Default Embedding Web Video Problem!

    I am hoping someone can help me or give me info about this. I have been trying to embed this new video here: Glass Etching Secrets - Etch Art Glass With Advanced Techniques While Reducing Cost

    Its kind of a crappy video but the video quality looks fairly good. My problem is that when I embed it, the left details gets displayed at the bottom of the page when it should be at the top left. Does anyone know what the problem with this is or what code can fix this?

    The video code that I entered on the page is below. After I entered the code, it messed up the left navigation.

    <script language="javascript" src=""></script>
    Any ideas?

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    Try putting this before column 1 Start

    <!-- Column 2 start -->

    <p><imgsrc="" /></p>

    <scripttype="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    <p>(We will never sell or give away your email address)</p>

    <pclass="center"><strong>Or Buy Now Risk Free Below!</strong></p>

    <!-- Column 2 end -->

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    thanks for the suggestion but it didn't exactly work out correctly.

    do you know why it does this? The original page which is here has a video and it works just fine. But when I remove that video code and switch it with this one, it messes up the format of the page.

    Is there a certain player I have to use? How can I convert the video and embed it so that it works correctly with the page?

    Any suggestions?

    thanks for your help so far

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    I'm not enough of an expert to know what's going on. Have you tried reducing the size of the video. ie on the original site the video is 565 wide but on the new one it's 640 wide.

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    I havent tried that but they are different videos and different video players so I don't think that would help or would it?

    What are the options of video players and what would everyone recommend as the best?

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