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Thread: Speakers or lap top speakers?

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    Default Speakers or lap top speakers?

    Hi, I keep looking for a miracle song that sounds good on a sound system and tinny lap top speakers, but they are hard to come by. Some songs i want to use have a deep baseline which works well with footage but when i take the jack plug out the baseline is lost so all the work putting the footage in time with the song becomes redundant, which leads me to my question...

    Do you watch videos on your standard speakers or through a sound system?

    If i can get a rough idea of the majority then it will help me out a lot


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    I use a 2.1 Logitech stereo speaker system with a massive sub.

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    until recently i too was using a logitech 2.1 system which was fine for playing back music but for recording was way too bass heavy.

    i now use a pair off behringer Ms40 near field monitors. these offer a more balanced sound and are easier on the ear after prolonged use. im not going to say they are studio quality because they are far from that. but for the price (100 i'sh) they are fine.

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    so do you guys think that most people on the internet will have some form of sound system? or do you think most people watch virals/youtube vids through standard speakers?

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    Headphones all the way with me. If I'm watching on a laptop, it normally means I'm in a room with other people. If no one else is there, why would I use second rate speakers! If i want to share a video, I paly it on my home cinema.
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    yeah i edit with my headphones but i pick out bangs/bass lines to match the footage but it gets lost when you play it on different level speakers. I guess i'll just have to assume that everyone listens through something better than standard speakers.

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    I also use a good quality playback system. But "to assume that everyone listens through something better than standard speakers" from a few responses in this Forum is perhaps not fully representative of all internet users!

    Other than those who use very high quality gear, I suggest that most Portable users will use its inbuild speakers; and standalone PCs will use any of the many standard PC sound systems.

    The problem of audio playback on low quality systems has been a hassle for many decades. For example, listening to records on AM on a cheap transistor radio. I suspect there are some well known mixing tricks to help the bass.

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    i agree, I know some music artists used to mix songs then take it out of the studio and play it on a standard car stereo because that's where most people would here the song. So it's kind of along themlines

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