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Thread: Basic 3D or Overlayed Video Perspective Help(!)

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    Default Basic 3D or Overlayed Video Perspective Help(!)


    I haven't edited in years now, and for the past couple months have decided to make a go of it again. Of course, as you guessed, I'm not quite as sharp as I once was, so bear with me, please.

    I started a video podcast as a side project, and have myself sitting beside a TV which I had hoped to overlay video onto in post. The only way I can figure out how to do that and fix it's perspective is with the "Basic 3D" video filter. It's close, but it isn't perfect.

    One of the edges is off for some reason, and I can't make it work with this effect. Is there, basically, a "create shape" tool similar to Photoshop that I can overlay the video into? I feel that there should be, but I just can't figure it out.

    I hate it, because this feels like it should be amazingly easy to perfect.

    I did a hell of a Google search. It's still ongoing. I suppose I don't know how to word it properly for the search engines.

    Thanks in advance. I hope this is doable. I don't know why it wouldn't be...!

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    I'm just wondering if the reason I'm getting a response at all is because of poor wording, the impossibility of the solution, or just because no one knows!

    I should have mentioned I can do it in After Effects, too, but I just started using it and am all the n00b in regards to that.

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