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Thread: Type of video shooting: Need help!

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    Question Type of video shooting: Need help!

    #1: I'm looking for a camera to do this type of shooting.
    #2: Are there any other style's incorporated?
    #3: What do I need to accomplish to get to this "type" of shoot.

    These are the shows that I would LOVE to do, but just don't know HOW or WHAT to use.

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    Looking at the second video it looks like they used a canon but I couldn't tell what the model was. Your looking at around 3000 for a camera like that.

    HOWEVER; that alone will not enable you to produce these types of video. You need the skill to be able to use the camera, record the sound, thats another few hundred quid for a good mic. Then there's the editing software and ability to use it.

    Making videos is more than just having a nice camera

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