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Thread: Is this scene to rude for vimeo / youtube / anywhere else?

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    Default Is this scene to rude for vimeo / youtube / anywhere else?

    I'm in pre-production before shooting a short film. There's going to be a scene where a woman receives some photographs, she opens the packet and pulls the pictures out... and the pictures are of a mans ass with messages to her written on the cheeks. It's not in a sexual context at all, but there will be a photo within the shot of a mans arse clearly visible.

    Do you think vimeo and youtube will allow this scene?

    Just want to make sure i can get away it before i film this.


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    I don't see the problem with that. The only real way of knowing is uploading it and see what happens.

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    From a personal point of view, I also see no issues with that. But without asking vimeo directly, our opinion counts for nowt.
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    Both Vimeo and Youtube have community forums.

    probably best asking on there

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    you are so right

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