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Thread: Set-up for corporate videos

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    Default Set-up for corporate videos

    HELP! The company that I work for is looking to bring video production in-house having previously used agencies to shoot the following type of footage:
    • Talking head style interviews with employees
    • Conferences/large meetings
    • Product demonstrations
    • Employee events (golf days, go-karting etc.)
    I'm looking to purchase a camera, tripod and mics to begin shooting the video myself but have no idea where to start.

    Initially, I've been looking at HD 'handicam' sized camcorders with a budget of around 500-750 but very few of these seemed to offer inputs for external mics (3.5m jacks or even hotshoe connections) and I think that these are essential as much of the footage is interview based. Any suggestions on cameras that I might have missed?

    I'm now extending my search to semi-pro cameras with a budget of between 1500 and 2500. I'm looking for recommendations for something that's relatively easy to use, allows a decent mic (preferably tie mic) to be connected, can shoot for a couple of hours (for those boring meetings) and outputs in a format that can be edited in something like Adobe Premier Pro.

    For the most part, the camera will be used indoors and will be static but should also be resonably stable when shooting on the move for more interesting material to cut into the dull stuff.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'd like to *bump* this thread being in a kind of similar situation myself!

    I'm sure there's plenty of advice out there, wangling its way over here...

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    Have a look at the Panasonic HV range. Okay, they are consumer camcorders but give great results and most have a mic input and a headphone socket.

    You're not going to find new "pro" camcorders for $1500, however you will find loads of consumer camcorders which will give just as good results if used sensibly.

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    Canon Vixia HF200 also fits your initial criteria. 3.5mm stereo audio socket and headphone jacks. We use one with an XLR adaptor and it turns out good stuff.
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    I am such a twit.

    I meant to suggest the CANON HF range, not the Panasonics. Brain not in gear today. I've got an HF11 and it produces images as good as any pro model in decent light.

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