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    hey all
    how is this possible to make it in FC or Motion??? u know.. like in Silent Hill

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    Can you explain further? I do not know of this "Silent Hill". Please, can you point to a clip which has this effect, and give a short explanation of what it looks like.

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    check this

    or (orig. from Silent hill movie)

    from 3.40

    and this
    after 1:20
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    Thanks for for the examples and times. That makes it alot easier to understand.
    I have never used Final Cut or Motion, so I cannot assist. For all I know you simply use a 'bleeding wall' plugin

    Even so. It is worth trying to imagine what is actually happening. Afterall, the effect could be had from various software programs, not just FC+Motion.

    Here are my initial thoughts, but should you find a better way; please correct me.

    You have identified similar effects used in the three clips, but there are some notable differences.

    They all show part (or all) of the screen with an object (e.g. a wall, a floor, a room) covered in a particular material (e.g. brick, or cement or grass); then slowly parts of the material change (e.g. to blood splatters, or plasma blobs). At its simplest this effect requires two clips and a suitable transition between them.

    The 1st clip is the easiest. Each of the surfaces change. I assume they used a 3d model of a room and covered each surface with the same material; and used the software's own perspective systems to give the feeling or the 3d space.

    The 2nd clip is more difficult. Only part of the area undergoes a transition. A mask must be used to force the transition to only apply to a specific area. In addition, it looks like they reinforce the existance of the plasma blobs by overlaying adding a few more 3d objects into the foreground.

    The 3rd clip also requires a mask. In this instance, the 2nd layer is an animated material; so as to give the impression of the moving floor.

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