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Thread: How to get I get this effect?

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    Lightbulb How to get I get this effect?

    Hello to everyone,

    I am now to the forum and new in video editing. Recently I saw a video which had a effect which I ignored it was possible to do: Getting a video inside another video in perspective... I apologize if the question is too basic. But, how do you do this? Is there any program in particular which is best to do it? How did they erase part of the frames so you can see the man?

    This is the video I saw

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please. Which part of the clip contains the piece you are referring to? e.g. 3:23 (3 min 24 secs). It will save us having to watch the whole clip.

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    Apologies Tim... my fault. The effect starts on minute 1:00, as soon as the table, were he later works with, appears. On 1:17 the table takes life and at 1:23 he already uses it as a clear way of explaining himself. From here on he uses until minute 3:20. He then comes back to it between times 3:55 and 9:52, when the computer animation is substituted by a model. Despite the fact, the model is also animated by a small man than runs around it. Please let me know if you need any more info.

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    There are several effects used.

    You are kinda correct in your guess that part of the frame is erased. There are several ways to do this, depending on software. For example, look up and read about using a 'green screen'.

    The 2nd 'effect' is the actual 3d object. That involves using standard 3d software to draw and animate this CGI building.

    The 3rd effect I can see is called (I think), 'match moving'. By duplicating the lens/distance/aperture/position/orientation of the 'real' camera; the 3d software can be made to move a 'virtual' camera through exactly the same path.

    Does that makes sense?

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    Yes, it does make sense!

    I looked up how to use a green screen, and it seems to work perfectly for being able to easily add the computer 3d animation.

    About "match moving", does it synchronise the real camera with the 3d software camera? Or do you have to move the camera of the 3d software according to the video and then "match moving" adjusts the perspective to make look "right" in the new video?

    Btw, thanks for the last post! I did learn from it!

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    I guess either way is possible. Whilst the 3d software camera can give accurate values; it would require having hardware to allow a real camera to be moved by a computer. The alternative is for the 3d software to do its best to analyse the real video; and in turn direct the 3d software camera.

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    Tim, thanks for your time. I have learned from knowing nothing to being able to do something with a video editing software. I appreciate your help!

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