Hi everyone,

I have a bunch of things to sell.
The camera has very low hours on it - 26.

These are owned by a friend who bought them to make a video, now doesn't do video and needs money to go to Australia!
I am a professional videographer, but I use 1080, and this camera is 720p, so doesn't fit into my setup.

If anyone is interested, I will give the direct number of Dave (based in Derby), and you can take it from there.

It is good kit which I have occasionally borrowed, and from memory the only things that weren't quite right were:
the tripod has a bolt cover missing
the long video component lead needs resoldering on one of the connectors (displays in mono, not colour, but if you wiggle the lead it's ok!) - monitor is AOK - it's definitely the lead. And that's about it.

Dave would prefer to sell it as a job lot (I reckon that would be the best bargain), but will split if necessary.

JVC ProHD Model GY-HD201
Hours on drum: 26
Fujinon TV Lens Th16 x 5.5BRMU with 1/3 inch colour CCD television camera
Manfrotto 503
Complete with Quick Release Plate and Carry Bag
Battery Pack
Complete with four batteries and a twin mains charger (plus mains cable)
Boom Mic
Sennheiser K6 mic
Complete with: -
Wind Noise Suppressor
3 Metre Cable
Telescopic Boom
LCD Monitor
Sony LMD -9030
Complete with 3 Metre Video Cable, Mains Adaptor and Power Cable

Camera Bag
Kata reinforced video camera bag