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    Had some issues with my video converting it from a fcp file to avi so I could upoad it, it got all distorted. Does anyone know how to solve it?

    Heres the video

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    YouTube and other similar video sites expect a square pixel aspect ratio. It looks like you've uploaded a video with a pixel apsect for widescreen (playback software normally stretches this out). As YouTube didn't understand this "flag", it hasn't stretched the video out.

    Like most people, I have a YouTube export preset. This outputs video with a square pixel aspect ratio. For example in TMPGenc Xpress, I use the attached settings.,
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    I output everything in AVI a thats how it leaves me to be put on Digibeta for the TV, so i have settings in TMPGenc like marc, but mine are different settings

    Not saying it would work for you, or that this is the right way to do it, just my trial and error until i got something that worked

    Settings attached, and this is what it outputs like

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