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Thread: Rendering / playback problem, Vegas 10

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    Default Rendering / playback problem, Vegas 10

    Hi, i'm just about to start making a short film and i've been doing some test filming to check everything will be ok. I've been rendering to wmv. format and i have a problem.

    When i playback my rendered clip on vlc player, the clip plays for a few seconds, pauses briefly, then the play bar goes back to the beginning and then plays the rest of the clip with no further problems. I can't figure out if this is a rendering issue, a vlc issue or codec problem. Tried to play clip in windows player and it was green and badly distorted.

    These are my project settings...
    1440 x 1080
    1.3333 hd 1080
    fr. 25 (pal)

    windows media video v11
    6.7mbps hd 1080-25p
    1440 x 1080
    1.3333 hd 1080

    If anyone knows how to solve this problem, i'd appreciate the help.

    By the way, this is my first film-making - are the settings ok for something i will put on vimeo and burn to dvd? I'd like to be able to play my film online and on a big tv screen in hd.


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    I have had the same problem few times. Render is OK, but playback problems due to computers processing power. Your wmv is fullhd and 1440x1920 is quite high and the file size is something like 1GB in 10seconds. Try render your project to lower bitrate,not HD.

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    Ah, thanks - i'm glad it's a playback issue. Can i ask, if i uploaded my video (in it's current state) to vimeo, would the playback for myself and others be ok then? Why can i watch hd video's smoothly on vimeo but my own hd vid has problems?

    Trying to get my head around all the maaaaany variables involved with video production.

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    I am quite sure that your video will be play smooth in Vimeo. When you upload a video to internet,it goes to server,and it will play there. Can you play hd videos without any buffer/loading notifications or just a little bit of them? Because when the video is in internet,the videos smoothnees will depend your internet connection speed. Sometimes,when I watch HD videos on internet,I get that green screens and pixelmess and anything like that. Thats because my internet connection.
    Yeah. I went almost crazy sometimes when I render videos to HD.
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    My internet connection is quite good so i have no problems on vimeo. Seems like there's many problems with HD rendering. Thanks for the info laehtis, very helpful!

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    No problem. I am quite sure that your video will be played smooth in Vimeo.
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