Hi all, new to this forum and to the digital video recording stuff. Im a high school teacher and we have an analog tv studio setup in the classroom. 2 cameras -canon xl2 output to a mackie board and into panasonic mixer to vcrs to record and mix with playback.

I want to digitize this. I dont' know much about it, I'm more of a photoshop and more basic mini dv video editing in imovie and final cut type stuff. I know that pretty well but am not sure about this live video editing.

We've got a couple mac pros with dual cores and snow leopard.

I am wondering what's the best way (and on the cheap probably) to hook up the cameras and stuff to record onto the computers hard drive and select cameras and apply affects, do picture and picture stuff, green screen (we have one) with other video sources as background. Do it all live and record without dropping frames.

I assume I need a video card or external video box of some sort with inputs/outputs... or maybe I need both ?

Software for a live tv studio ? Cheap but good. I've heard boinx ? live channel pro 2.0 are good from my limited online research.

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions, doing some research myself but I've a bit of a learning curve here...