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    Default Sony DVD101E

    This camcorder comes with Image Mixer, which is very basic.

    It turns out that I bought this camera not knowing that all the high end video editing software only supports DV capture and not DVD capture.

    My question is now that I am stuck with this camcorder is there:-

    1. An better editing software that supports DVD direct input.

    2. A free, easy to use, converter of some sort from DVD to DV (I heard mention of VOB to DV)

    Many thanks for any help. Please note I am complete a novice based upon my uninformed choice of camera!

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    Default Sony DVD camcorder and editing software

    I use Pinnacle Studio (less than $100) with DVDs recorded with my Sony DVD201 camcorder. Pinnacle just this week released the new upgrade (9.4.2) that will allow Studio to import your files directly from the DVD (if you have a DVD drive in your computer). Studio can't, however, capture in any other way from the Sony DVD camcorders.

    I don't like ImageMixer and already had Studio, so it's the perfect combination for me. I have found, though, that Studio can't correctly use my files until I use a free download (I think it's called ImToo 3GP) that will convert the .mpgs that Studio gets from my DVDs into some other mpg format that Studio can work with. The problem is that the audio gets out of sync if I don't go through the conversion process with this other program. I'm hoping that Studio fixes this problem in a future upgrade so I won't have to use two separate programs, but in the meantime, I'm pretty happy with the set-up.

    There are other options if you don't want to purchase Studio. I think Cyberlink's Power Producer will also rip files from a DVD and let you edit the resulting files, but I'm not familiar with it and can't compare the two. I do know that they have a free trial so you can see if that will work for you before buying. I don't think Studio has a free trial.

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    Default my solution for the Sony DCR - DVD101e

    Ok, this might help some of you people out there who can't get that stupid Sony 5usky thing called image maker.

    I ran into the problem that my wedding dinner footage was recorded on a piece of CRaP called a Sony DCR-DVD101e. It was my wifeís friendís unit.
    I managed to make a copy of the DVD-RW disk but almost nothing could play it or read it.
    Of course, it was so important to me, that I had to find a solution.
    I managed to find a way to extract all the data off that DVD-RW. Here is how I did it:

    I hope this helps some of you.
    For the rest of you, SONY 5UCKS!!

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