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    Ok listen my name is Jim and i am a senior in highschool who just started like a year ago and loves doing films. Well recently me and my friend who makes movies got into this film study class and our teacher realized we loved movies so she told us that there was this local Arts Festival for Teens it was like all of the local teens from the highschools who did plays, videos, sang and stuff. So she told us we had 3 days to make a movie which is like no time at all so we worked hard editing, filming in one day and we made something

    Ok well now its like a month later our movie is submited to the festival and the thing is like in 20 days but our teacher comes up to us today in school and says she just got the information on the festival and she dont feel like sitting there for 8 hours and watching other peoples stuff and everything and she told us our movie probally woudlnt win anything to because it sucked we made it in 2 days.....

    Well me and my friend really dont think its that bad... We know its not the best but for some reason we just dont think compared to the local schools around here its gonna be that bad so we are thinkin if we want to maybe goto the festival by ourselves ? skip school or ask another teacher to go with us..... Well i was just wondering if someone could tell me if our video is decent at all because she dont know anything about films and she basically told us it was the worst thing she ever seen


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    No no, hopefully just a helpful critique.

    1. Perhaps it was my download, but I thought there was a fair bit of audio drop out on occasion. Also, the thunder claps ended too abruptly, and echo filter with fade would have been better.

    2. The making the breakfast scene was just a bit too long for me.

    3. One continuitty error when the phone is dropped, the cutaway shows the phone still on the hook.

    4. When the music tempo increases (just over halfway through) the tempo of film doesn't quite move up to the same pace.

    5. The closing title sequence has just too much solid black in it to hold the viewers attention.

    Is your teacher right, in that this movie sucks? Well frankly no! It is a very good movie,

    1. Excellent atmosphere, especially during the opening sequence

    2. Opening titles simple and effective

    3. Excellent video composition

    4. Complimented by solid editing techniques

    5. Obviously all of this from a very good script.

    Tell your teacher to get go and get stuffed. I think, given the amount of time you had to preapare for this, that you and your friend are spot on, your film (and incidentally if Moaldytoaster posts to this, it is a Film) is good.

    Go to the festival. Try and talk to some of the judges to establish what their views of the strengths and weaknesses of your movie.

    Well done I say

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    Heres my views

    - Love the camera angles and possibly the whole idea

    - The audio drops out in bits where i think you have cut it incorrectly

    the rest i thought was ok apart from the candy stick lol

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    Can't download anything - it blows out every time. 'Cannot establish connection with server'.

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