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Thread: merging two video clips together + sync-ing? (with examples!)

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    Default merging two video clips together + sync-ing? (with examples!)

    hello! hope you guys can help a newbie to video editing out.

    anyway, to the point. i want to merge several recordings of myself playing the piano together, how am i able to do it? i'm aiming for something like this end product,

    sound has to be synced, while switching video portions.

    can you guys direct me / teach me how?

    i'd be using my digital camera to film it down, not too concerned with the quality at the moment. just would like to figure how i'm able to do it.

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    It's one of the principles of video editing and music production, so the theory is easy. The first is to build up the layers, one for each of the seperate "players". To help you keep the music in synch, it's easiest to play back either the music you've recorded or a the tempo of the track you want to keep to (I'm not an expert here, but I can only assume that's why he's wearing an earpiece).

    Once you've recorded all of you layers, import these into an editing application that allows multiple tracks such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Buy placing these on top of each other, the stacked audio will all play at the same time, in synch. You can then "expose" each of the video layers buy cutting out sections of each video (only the top most layer will be shown). Different software lets you do this in different ways, but this is the principle.

    You could also use PIP (picture in picture) to show all "players" at once, one in each section of the screen. Or use a green screen, and then have all of "yourselves" on screen at once

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    When creating the initial track, ensure you vocally 'count yourself in' (1 2 3 4 or whatever). This makes it alot easier when recording the other tracks (to start playing at the correct start time). After all the recordings, simply remove these initial vocals.

    I agree with Marc about the earpiece if you are using microphones. Whilst you will want to hear the initial track, you must prevent it being re-recorded into the subsequent tracks.

    It is a shame about the earpiece. Somehow it removes some of the magic; and I would prefer not to see it. Long haired folk won't have a problem.
    An alternative would be to record the audio separately; and join it to video of the artist miming the playing. That way can, I suppose, lead to increasingly dramatic and weird productions.

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    thanks to both of you for your detailed answers!

    @marc peters, which would be easier to use, vegas or adobe? i'm not really too good with this video stuff, and want to keep the editing to as simple as possible. they would accept any form of recording that my digital camera would provide right?

    @timandrews, thanks for the tips

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