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Thread: How to delete specific shadows and highlights.

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    Default How to delete specific shadows and highlights.

    I have several video's to be edited, with terrible highlight and shadow issues.

    If I chose any automatic correction, or if I set higher or lower highlight/shadow standards, it effects the whole clip and doesn't necessarily approve it. Is there any way to correct specific zones? I have several scenes against a white wall and the lighting and the shadows are extremely noticeable.

    Might be easy, yet I can't quiete deduct it from the adobe help guide.

    I want both the extreme lighting as the shadows to be reduced to the color values of the rest of the white wall. Might be easy to do, but again, I dont know how to set those values correctly.


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    Not sure about adobe, but if gamma curves have not worked then perhaps masking the relevant sections and treating them in isolation.

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