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Thread: Depth of field

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    Hi guys !

    I have one big question. I just bought myself a Samsung hmx-h200 HD camcoder and i really need some good depth of field, can anyone help me. I'v read aboth those 35mm depth of field adapters. But nowhere is written, can i mound one on this particular camcoder. please help me.

    edit: i want my footage to look something like this :

    Thanks a lot for those who will take time to answer my question.
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    I don't think the manufacturers can list every single camera that there adapters can fit the list would be huge.

    Why would you by a $300/$400 camera and then think about an extra $1000 or $2000 for a DoF adapter, (ok you can buy cheaper) Or have I got the wrong end of the stick.

    Are you looking for shooting techniques to get a shallow DoF with out an adapter?

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    i'm looking for an adapter, not for shooting tehniques. and the reason why i bought this camera first is that i didn'i know nothing about those dof adapters.

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    I'm not recomending this product but this is the sort of thing that should fit onto your camera. G35Pro or maybe you would like to have a go at building your own like THIS

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    To use depth of field adaptors, you need a camera with a lens that comes off - you have a handicam auto everything camera - so that option isn't for you.

    The other problem is that we're assuming you want to achieve very narrow(not good?) depth of field. Good depth of field would be where everything from maybe a foot from the camera lens to infinity is nice and sharp. The add on depth of field gizmos focus the image on a small internal screen, then shoot that! So the key feature is selecting the distance at which the image is sharp. Auto focus cannot work for this, and you MUST have manual focus. Even if you could fit an adaptor then your manual focus is pretty horrible. Very lurchy and difficult to control. Not a fault, just what your camera is designed to do - take nice pics with a minimum of manual adjustment.

    You can close down the depth of field by making sure the camera iris is opened up fully - being a sensitive camera, it will be rarely working at full aperture on a decently bright shot. You can get screw on neutral density filters that will fit your camera, cutting down the light entering, forcing the lens to open wider to get enough light in. This will decrease depth of field, but not perhaps as much as you want.

    Being honest - if you wish to do clever exposure tricks with your equipment, you didn't buy one with that level of sophistication or potential for adding extras.
    u, sir, are wrong, i don't need camera with lenses that i can take off.. because that's why this adapter is made for...for cheaper camcoders, which don't have that kind of shallow DOF. u can rvrn use that adapter with iphone 4g (Jag35 for ex.) ...i don't think that iphone lenses come off.. and i know how i can achieve depth of field with my camera, it's just not enough for me...if u don't know what i'm talking about then watch samsung hmx-h200 sample videos and sample videos of camcoders with depth of field...with that samsung u can achieve depth of field only by zooming in, or putting object almost in front of the camera lens. and u are also wrong about my camera, it's not fully automatic, i have adjustable manual focus, white balance aperture and shutter.

    and again...i don't know where are u getting your information, but if people use that dof adapter with an iphone, then sure as hell i will be able to use it with my camcoder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    To use depth of field adaptors, you need a camera with a lens that comes off

    The majority of adapters work with existing lenses. They work by using a 35mm camera lens or movie camera objective and focussing it onto a translucent screen. Then the camcorder lens (in macro mode or with a close-up lens) on the other side simply films this. Simples.

    The more expensive models vibrate the screen to get rid of any pattern which the screen might have but you don't need to remove your camcorder's lens at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    - but suggesting I'm wrong because it isn't what you want to hear seems a bit unfair.

    Actually he's suggesting you're wrong... because you are.

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    I don't think the right and wrong argument is going to get us anywhere. A lot of what he said was right but he made a mistake about needing to have a removable lens camera.

    Let he who has never been in error cast the first stone.

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    Thank you a lot guys !!!
    u helped me very much, and i didn't want to insult anyone, i just told what i thought was right.

    seriously..thank u a lot !! i would buy u guys a round of beer if i could

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    i have one more question..i found at home old russian photo camera called Zenit.. and it's objective seems to be kinda serious(i mean it doesn look cheap and when i made photos with it they came out pretty well, with some really good dof. i wonder if i't possible to make depth of field adapter usiing those lenses:

    Helios-77M-4 MC
    Max Aperture - f1.8
    Focal length - 52mm
    View Angle - 44
    Minimum focussing distance - 0.45
    Resolutions Center - 45
    Resolution edge - 25
    Filter size - 52

    right now if i put them in front of my camcoder they focus only from about 8 cm, but the result is already better...they make video more "film-like" like depth of field adapters.

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    You could use the 52mm lens but you still need some sort of ground glass or flim/screen to focus on to. If you look at this page is has a lot of infomation about home made DoF adapters that may help you. The video below may help you get some idea of what you need to do.

    DIY 35mm Build Explanation - A Quick Walk Through - DIY DOF Adapters on Vimeo

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