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    Short introduction: i'm working in an auditorium where a lot of lectures and meetings are given and sometimes i get the question to capture the event. Currently i'm using a panasonic WV - CS 300/G to do this, but we're looking for a nice upgrade.

    This type of camera is actually a CCTV cam with remote pan - tilt - zoom controller so i can control the camera from my control room. But the quality is pretty poor, especially the movements of the camera. The Pan and Tilt has only one speed (full-on or full-off) so movements while recording are out of the question.

    Since i'm not a really experienced user in video/capturing, i'm looking for some advice here.

    Is it possible to get more of a pro camera that can be controlled from another room, so i can remove this CCTV circuit.

    Any idea's or remarks about this...?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't know much about this kind of thing but I think you should be looking for a power camera head that would normally be fitted on a Jib or Crane such as THIS. but I'm not sure if you can handle zooms through them.

    Anyway this might help get you started.

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